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Tracking for Success

TrackEd 3 in Primary Schools

With TrackEd your individual learning plan discussions have never been easier or more effective. All the hard work of collating data is done for you! Create engaging content at the press of a button and have everything that you need at your fingertips.

TrackEd puts faces on your data by incorporating student photos and brings everything on one page, automatically, and with the ability to customise the layout to suit your needs. From achievement scores, to effort and behaviour, absences and attendance, support and extension, differentiation, NAPLAN, PAT and any diagnostic tests that you are already doing, TrackEd can import it and display it in purpose-built single page reports. TrackEd also uses colour effectively to communicate each student’s academic journey and to facilitate discussions between teachers, students and parents.

TrackEd is designed for YOUR School

We already partner with over 140 schools across Queensland, and it has been great to hear about what a difference TrackEd has made. From the very outset, we have designed it to work with your existing data systems and there is no extra data entry with TrackEd. Instead, we make use of what you already have. TrackEd imports countless datasets from OneSchool, your student photo folders, IdAttend, Mighty Minds, Vivo and anything in a spreadsheet. TrackEd is the only tool available that brings everything together, making data transparent, available and easily digestible.

TrackEd also gives you everything you need to analyse your data and build instant, useful and insightful reports at the click of a button. With hundreds of built-in find options and datawall views, TrackEd really is a one-stop shop to do more with your data.

TrackEd Feature Highlights

  • Compatible with OneSchool and many other data sources
  • Designed for Queensland schools
  • See ALL relevant data for a student’s academic journey in one place
  • Achievement, effort and behaviour imports and reporting
  • Absences and behaviour import and reporting
  • NAPLAN detailed question-level analysis reporting per student
  • NAPLAN detailed question-level analysis reporting for any group
  • PAT, PM, Probe, Spelling and other diagnostic imports
  • Tracking timeline, aligning your diagnostics with academic reporting periods
  • Support and Extension tracking
  • Differentiation tracking
  • At risk student management
  • Fully configurable student profiles in 1 and 2 page versions
  • 10 datawall types in a list view format with sortable headings
  • 10 datawall types in a grid view format with photos
  • Attendance datawall reports
  • All reports can be saved as PDFs or emailed with a single click
  • PDFs can be bundled by class, coach or otherwise and named for each bundle
  • Extremely powerful find options for isolating groups within your school
  • Tagging features to categorise students and retrieve the lists at any time
  • Configurable wellbeing index
  • Massive reporting section to compare and benchmark ANY data for ANY group
  • 2D, 3D, and Sankey chart options to powerfully visualise your cohorts
  • Extensive integrated online help and training materials
  • And so much more

TrackEd is well supported

Gone are the days where only one person understands the spreadsheets and processes needed to bring all your information together. With TrackEd we have made the process easy, with dedicated installation and import guides, a full support website with over 200 searchable articles, a video training series, regular workshops and a dedicated support team. Helping schools get the most out of this powerful package is extremely important to us and we look forward to helping you get started.

How can I find out more?

We would love to make contact with you and we look forward to hearing from you soon. To find out more please contact us via email at enquiries@trackedapp.com.au

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